Should we choose Floor jack or Bottle jack?

Are you looking for an excellent Jack? But confused between Floor jack VS Bottle jack? Then, it’s necessary to know the differences and complete specifications to decide the best between Floor jack VS Bottle jack. However, I find the one is very compact and has optimum power while the other is popular for its high … Read more

3057 vs 3157: Any difference or are they similar?

Last month, some people sent me a message to ask about the difference and similarities between the 3057 and 3157 bulbs. So in this article, I will tell you what I know about them. Dim filaments are the mostly difference between 3057 vs. 3157. The 3157 bulbs have more than 32/3cp dim filament, whereas the … Read more

Reflector Vs. Projector: Which one is for you?

projector vs reflector

Do you want brighter headlights on your car or truck? Upgrading to an HID or LED bulb is a great way to do it, but they’re not interchangeable. Before you buy a new bulb, it’s important to first figure out what kind of headlight housing your car uses.  There are two housing styles you’ll find … Read more