3057 vs 3157: Any difference or are they similar?

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Last month, some people sent me a message to ask about the difference and similarities between the 3057 and 3157 bulbs. So in this article, I will tell you what I know about them.

Dim filaments are the mostly difference between 3057 vs. 3157 bulb types. The 3157 bulbs have more than 32/3cp dim filament, whereas the 3057 bulbs have only 32/2cp dim filament. But, other than these, they are pretty similar with dual filament bulbs and wedge D.F bases.

For more understanding, let’s read below details comparison

Main Difference Between 3057 and 3157

These two bulbs are most common for car lighting systems. However, it is necessary to know how they are different when you need to replace them.

Brightness: 3057 vs 3157

The 3157 bulb emits brighter light than the 3057.  3157 bulb produces more current but using the same amount of voltage of 3057. Thus, the brightness of 3157 is 32/3cp, whereas 3057 has 32/2cp brightness. It is because of the brightness that 3157 bulbs are best in daytime running lights. In addition, the 3157 is brighter than the 3057 in the case of parking lights. But, for brake signals and turn signal lights, the brightness is the same for both of them.

 Moreover, brightness is an essential factor while getting a bulb. Furthermore, it’s crucial to ensure that it provides enough illumination and road user’s safety.

Lifespan: 3057 vs 3157

The average lifespan of 3157 is longer than that of 3057. However, in my opinion, the life of a bulb depends on how you use it in your car.

Durability: 3057 vs 3157

Both the light bulbs have a decent lengthy life. The 3157 is comparatively more durable and lasts between 2000 to 10,000 hours. In contrast, the 3057 bulb has a life range from 1200 to 5000 hours. Moreover, In my experience, durability depends on vehicle condition and bulb usage.

Energy usage: 3057 vs 3157

The 3157 bulb uses comparatively more energy than the 3057 bulbs. Moreover, the 3057 bulb uses 6.72 watts, whereas the 3157 uses 8.3 watts. Thus, with more current and power, between the 3057 vs 3157 bulb types, the 3157 emits brighter light. Moreover, 3057 bulbs produce 2.1/0.48 ampere, whereas 3157 produces 2.1/5.93 ampere current.

Cost: 3057 vs 3157

Depending on brands, the cost of the 3157 bulbs ranges from $5 to $5.3, whereas for 3057, it ranges from $5.3 to $8. Thus, between 3057 vs 3157 bulb types, the cost of the 3157 is comparatively low. Moreover, you may choose 3157 over 3057 as it is cost-efficient along with high performance.

2 Packs of Philips 3157 Bulb

SYLVANIA 3057 Long Life Miniature Bulb

3057 vs 3157: Similarities

Despite the difference between 3057 and 3157 bulbs, there are some similarities between these two.

Dual filament

The 3057 bulbs and 3157 bulbs have the same dual filament and C-6 class . Moreover, both bulbs have 32 candlepower bright filaments.


Both the 3057 and 3157 bulbs use energy on the same voltage. In addition, they run on 12.8/14 voltage. Moreover, both bulbs are reversible as they have the same circuitry.


Both the 3057 and 3157 bulbs have the same wedge D.F fittings for mounting in most car lighting systems. So, you may install both of them in the same holder and are interchangeable. However, you may look at their sizes as sometimes there is a difference in their length. In some cases, the 3157 seems smaller at 1.25 inches than 3057 with 2.09 inches. Moreover, with similarities in wedge base mounting, you can use them in place of each other. Furthermore, they fit well in their respective sockets. There is another reason making them capable of interchanging as they have the same circuitry and reversible bulbs.


Both of the 3057 and 3157 bulbs have the same dimension. They both have a 1-inch diameter and 2.1 inches in length. However, in some variants, there may be a difference in their height. Moreover, in some designs, the 3157 may be smaller at 1.25 inches to 3057 with 2.09 inches.


Both 3057 and 3157 bulbs have the same S-8 bulb shape.  Moreover, they come with a wedge D.F mounting base. Therefore, they are easily interchangeable.

Summary Specification Table of 3057 and 3157

Brightness32/3 candle power32/2 candle power
Current2.1/0.48 ampere2.1/5.93 ampere
Durability1200 to 5000 hours2000 to 10,000 hours
Energy usage26.88/6.72 watts26.9/8.3 watts
Cost (two pieces)$5.29 to $7.99$4.99 to $5.22
UsesTail Light bulb, parking light bulb, backup light bulb, turn the signal light bulb, and brake light bulb.Daytime running light bulb, tail light bulb, brake light bulb, turns the signal light bulb, parking light bulb, the backup light bulb.
Dual filamentC-6 dual filamentC-6 dual filament
BaseWedge D.FWedge D.F
SizeDiameter- 1 inchLength- 2.1 inchDiameter- 1 inchLength- 2.1 inch
Average life rated1200 to 5000 hours1200 to 5000 hours
Bulb technologyIncandescentIncandescent
Bulb finishclearclear

What are 3057 and 3157 used for?

These miniature bulbs are popular among other bulbs for car lights.


The 3057 bulb is ideal as a backup light bulb, brake light, parking light, taillight, and turn signal lighting. Moreover, this bulb is great for city roads as it has a relatively long life of 1200 to 5000 hours. In addition, this bulb couples with its intensity. In my experience, out of so many 3057 bulbs, you must choose the best lighting capability bulb. Moreover, it is excellent for the rear part of your car, as it has low-intensity lighting.


You may use these 3157 bulbs for the brake light, taillight, parking light, and turning signal light. Moreover, due to its brightness, you may also use it as a daytime running light. Furthermore, this bulb guarantees you the best service and ensures you follow all the traffic rules of your area. You may use these over others to offer reliable performance due to the strong filament and gas mixture.

2 Packs of Philips 3157 Bulb

SYLVANIA 3057 Long Life Miniature Bulb

Incandescent bulbs vs LED bulbs

These lighting systems use incandescent bulbs most commonly. However, it’s necessary to know which one is best to use when you want to replace your bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs:


  • Less expensive due to lower initial cost
  • Easier to adjust brightness
  • Warmer color
  • Easy to install
  • Stronger penetration in poor visibility
  • Relatively better lighting effect
  • Lower maintenance


  • Energy efficient
  • High heat generation
  • Low lumen per watt, i.e., 5 to 20 lumens per watt
  • Lifespan is relatively short
  • Lower color temperature

LED bulbs:


  • More efficient
  • Long service life
  • Less energy
  • Brighter and white light
  • Customizable lights
  • Durable


  • High price
  • Difficult to install
  • Extra component

Conclusion: 3057 vs 3157

To summarize the difference and similarity between 3057 and 3157 bulbs, you may find that the two bulbs differ in brightness and longevity. But both have similarities in shape and size and thus are interchangeable. In addition, you may use these bulbs for brake lights, taillight, parking light, and turn signal light. Moreover, bulb 3157 gives you an additional benefit of using it in daytime running light bulbs. In addition, with this article, you know the difference between incandescent bulbs and LED bulbs. Moreover, you also get information about the importance of K, i.e., Krypton.

Now that you know the similarities and difference between 3057 and 3157 bulbs, you will know which one you need for replacement. Moreover, get a suitable bulb for your car, and have safe driving.

Still, have any query in your mind? Comment below your questions and let me know how I can assist you.

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What bulbs are compatible with 3157?

You can use 3157 bulbs compatible with backup light bulbs, brake light bulbs, parking light bulbs. In addition, it is also compatible with tail light bulbs and turns signal light bulbs. Moreover, it is best compatible with daylight running bulbs. Based on specifications, it is compatible with these bulbs due to its high brightness level.

Can I use a 3057 bulb instead of a 3157 bulb?

Yes, you may use the 3057 bulbs instead of 3157 bulbs. Both of these bulbs have wedge D.F mounting and C-6 dual filament that fits in the same holder. Moreover, you can use this bulb to back up a light bulb, brake light bulb, parking light bulb. However, you may be unable to use 3057 bulbs for the daytime running bulb. The 3057 bulb is a little dim than 3157 when the parking lights are on. Moreover, for brake lights and turn signal flash, the brightness is the same.

So, in my opinion, it’s always safe to follow your vehicle manual. And, it’s also essential to see what your local traffic rules say about the use of bulbs.

What are the differences between 3057 and 3057K?

The K stands for Krypton in 3057K. Moreover, a 3057K bulb is a bulb with inert gas to improve its life. As a result of which 3057K is more long-lasting than the usual 3057 types. It improves the average life, but the candle power of 32/2 remains the same. There may also be L.L letters which means long life.

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