Are F1 Cars Manual? How Many Gears Do They Have?

lotus f1 car number 25 in british racing green with yellow wheels racing down a speedway

When it comes to the world of car racing, nothing spells sophistication and unparalleled technology quite like Formula One (F1). These high-speed machines are a marvel of modern engineering, and their under-the-hood workings often leave fans and enthusiasts intrigued. One question that often arises in the world of F1 is: Are F1 Cars Manual or … Read more

What is DRS in F1? Should it be banned?

what is DRS in F1

Formula 1 fan were treated to a new rule in the sport in 2011 with the introduction of DRS (drag reduction system). But what is DRS, and how does it work? The rule allows drivers to open their rear wings in designated zones on the track to reduce drag and increase speed.  In this blog … Read more

Are F1 cars AWD? Yes, they used to be!

are f1 cars awd

The purpose of all-wheel drive (AWD) is to give the vehicle more traction. The reason for this extra traction is that AWD splits up the power among all four wheels instead of just two. This will allow for better grip and increased safety. However, AWD is not used for F1 cars because of many reasons. The 2 … Read more

NASCAR vs. F1: The Ultimate Showdown

nascar vs f1

Did you know that the first NASCAR race was held in 1949, while the first Formula One (F1) race wasn’t until 1950? Nowadays, F1 races are typically watched by fans all over the world, while NASCAR races are popular only in certain regions of the United States. So why is F1 so much more popular … Read more

F1 pit stops 101 | All rules simply explained

f1 pit stop

Did you know that the average F1 pit stop takes just under three seconds? In that time, 4 tires are changed, and any necessary adjustments are made.  In a sport where fractions of a second can make all the difference, pit crews have to be fast and precise. In this blog post, we’ll take a … Read more

How much horsepower does an F1 car have? [Real power]

how much hp does an f1 car have

When it comes to F1 race cars, you may think that it’s all about speed. However, there are many regulations to ensure that f1 car manufacturers put their design beyond the limit and satisfy these purposes:   The restrictions of the F1 engine include:  With all of those restrictions, the F1 cars in 2021 have slightly … Read more