How Do Nascar Drivers Stay Cool? It’s Not What You Think

nascar pit team working around a car trying to stay cool

‍As an observer, it’s easy to underestimate the physical demands placed on professional race car drivers. Beneath the high-tech helmets and fire-resistant suits, drivers contend with extreme temperatures that can soar above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This article explores the various techniques and technologies NASCAR drivers use to combat these conditions and remain cool under the … Read more

When did Nascar start racing on mother’s day? [and why]

when and why did nascar race on mother's day

NASCAR’s history is rich with tradition and pivotal moments that have shaped the sport into what it is today. Commemorating its events on special days has become a hallmark of this racing organization. Mother’s Day, a day traditionally associated with family and gratitude, found its own place in NASCAR lore. Back in 1954, the competition … Read more

How many cars race in NASCAR? [1998-2023]

how many cars race in NASCAR

So, how many cars are in a NASCAR race? Over the years, the number of cars in NASCAR has varied. In the 2020 Daytona 500, there were 40 cars, while before 2016, there were up to 43 cars.  Today, the NASCAR Cup Series has 40 cars in a race, with 36 charter teams and four … Read more

NASCAR vs. IndyCar – Differences from A to Z

nascar vs indycar

Did you know that the fastest speed hit by a NASCAR vehicle was recorded at 199mph, while IndyCar are known to reach 236mph? The longest NASCAR track is the Talladega Superspeedway (2.66 miles), while the longest track in IndyCar is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, spanning 2.5 miles. Why are there such differences? Let us explore … Read more

How much does a NASCAR car weigh? [Breakdown]

how much does a NASCAR weigh

In the world of motorsport, NASCAR stands out for its meticulous regulations on car specifications, including a critical aspect like vehicle weight. The weight of the car is a fundamental factor not only in ensuring compliance with the rules but also in affecting the dynamics of the race. It is a delicate balance; too heavy, and … Read more

NASCAR vs. F1: The Ultimate Showdown

nascar vs f1

Did you know that the first NASCAR race was held in 1949, while the first Formula One (F1) race wasn’t until 1950? Nowadays, F1 races are typically watched by fans all over the world, while NASCAR races are popular only in certain regions of the United States. So why is F1 so much more popular … Read more

Everything you need to know about NASCAR pit stops

NASCAR pit stops explained

“The amount of work and coordination that goes into a successful pit stop in NASCAR is astounding. In just a few seconds, the entire course of the race can be changed.” ~~Darrell Waltrip, three-time Cup Series champion. Pit stops are one of the most important aspects of any NASCAR race. They can make or break … Read more