Unveiling the Truth: Is Hydraulic Fluid Flammable?

multi-gallon jug on STP hydraulic oil posed against a white background

Hydraulic fluid, an integral component in various mechanical systems, has often been a topic of debate when it comes to its flammability. This comprehensive guide will delve deep into the subject, addressing all your concerns related to the question – is hydraulic fluid flammable? Let’s kick-start the exploration! Understanding Hydraulic Fluids Hydraulic fluid, often referred … Read more

Unraveling the Myth: Is Diesel Flammable? (2023)

yellow can designed to safely store diesel fuel

Picture this, you’re at a backyard barbeque, and the conversation turns to fuels. Someone confidently states, “Did you know that diesel is not flammable?” You might be taken aback. Isn’t diesel fuel what powers our large trucks, construction equipment, and some cars? Isn’t diesel the substance that, when ignited, powers engines and machinery worldwide? Surely … Read more

Honda Civic Problems: What Happened Honda?

blue honda civic against a dark city scape at night

The Honda Civic, a hallmark of reliability and practicality, has been a favored compact car for decades. However, like any vehicle, it’s not immune to problems. In this article, we delve deep into some common Honda Civic issues, providing insights on how to fix them, when to see a dealer, active recalls, and community feedback. … Read more

Is Power Steering Fluid Flammable? Yes and No! (Surprising)

power steering fluid reservoir open inside the engine bay of a car

Power steering fluid is a crucial element in a vehicle’s power steering system, but its characteristics often raise questions about its safety. One such question is, “Is power steering fluid flammable?“ This article delves into this query, offering a detailed understanding of the properties and handling of power steering fluid. Related: How to Tell If … Read more

Is Trans Fluid Flammable? No, It’s a Combustible Liquid!

red drum of transmission fluid with the yellow shell racing logo

When dealing with automobile maintenance, safety should be a paramount concern. One safety aspect that often gets overlooked is the flammability of different automotive fluids. In this exhaustive guide, we’ll specifically focus on transmission fluid, often referred to as ‘trans fluid’. The primary question that we’re here to address is – “Is trans fluid flammable?“ … Read more

Tesla Bumper Repair Cost: A Definitive Overview (+Is It Worth It?)

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As a proud owner of a Tesla, I’ve always been fascinated by the advanced engineering and the cutting-edge technology of this high-end electric vehicle. However, like any car, a Tesla isn’t immune to the occasional bumps and scrapes. That’s why, in today’s post, I’ll be delving into the details of the tesla bumper repair costs, … Read more

Lamborghini Urus Maintenance Cost: The Raw Truth

Yellow Lamborghini Urus posed against palm trees and a california sunset

Picture this: the roar of the engine, the sleek design hugging the road, and the exhilarating acceleration that leaves you breathless. That was my exotic rental car experience with the Lamborghini Urus, a luxury SUV that encapsulates power, elegance, and prestige. The adrenaline rush I felt behind the wheel left me yearning for more and … Read more