[TIPS]How To Push Back Brake Piston Without Tool ?

As you know, brake pistons are in the brake calipers. They play a very significant role in your vehicle’s braking system. Brake pistons in your car facilitate brake pads to contact brake discs, allowing you to decelerate your car. There are different materials such as aluminum, rubber, or steel used to design brake pistons. Because … Read more

Do You Know How to clean an Alternator Safely?

Are you looking for a way to clean the alternator but afraid of damage? Then, find out ways on how to clean an alternator keeping it safe in this article. I have used many different ways to clean my alternator; however, the best method I suggest is using a proper cleaner for the alternator (CRC) … Read more

How Much Coolant Loss Is Normal?

Do you think coolant loss is normal ? If Yes, how much is normal? If No, how much is abnormal? Based on my experience, losing Zero to a few ounces of coolant every year due to frozen temperature or evaporation is normal. But, if your car coolant loss is more than this, you should consider … Read more

Reflector Vs. Projector: Which one is for you?

projector vs reflector

Do you want brighter headlights on your car or truck? Upgrading to an HID or LED bulb is a great way to do it, but they’re not interchangeable. Before you buy a new bulb, it’s important to first figure out what kind of headlight housing your car uses.  There are two housing styles you’ll find … Read more