What is DRS in F1? Should it be banned?

what is DRS in F1

Formula 1 fan were treated to a new rule in the sport in 2011 with the introduction of DRS (drag reduction system). But what is DRS, and how does it work? The rule allows drivers to open their rear wings in designated zones on the track to reduce drag and increase speed.  In this blog … Read more

[Solved] My go-kart clutch is smoking?

go-kart clutch smoke

If you see smoke coming from your go-kart’s clutch, it’s important to investigate the cause right away. The most common reason for this (and it’s very likely to be your case) is that the clutch is not fully engaging. So, what is the solution for this? Simple, just imagine you are Lightning Mcqueen and floor … Read more

How many cars race in NASCAR? [1998-2022]

how many cars race in NASCAR

Over the years, the number of cars in NASCAR has varied. In the 2020 Daytona 500, there were 40 cars, while before 2016, there were up to 43 cars.  Today, the NASCAR Cup Series has 40 cars in a race, with 36 charter teams and four non-charter teams.  In this article, I will cover why … Read more