Chip Ganassi Racing makes changes to #42 pit crew

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March 5, 2015

Chip Ganassi Racing has made major changes to one of their top cars. 4 of the 6 crewmen on the #42 of Kyle Larson have been moved to another team that CGR supplies crews for (#7, #46). Tire Changer Chris McMullen, Carrier Doug Riepe, Jackman Mark Jannsen, and Changer Dennis Terry were all told this week that they will not be on the #42 in Las Vegas. As far as which team they will be on….not sure. Most likely it would be the #7 team.

Taking their places on the #42 will be Front Changer Nick Krizmanich, Jackman Graham Molach, Rear Changer Steve Tautges, and Rear Carrier Gene Cornwell. Krizmanich is a veteran changer who spent time at JGR #11 and Team Penske #2 before heading over to CGR. Tautges has been with CGR for a few years now after making the switch from HMS, and Gene Cornwell was a longtime carrier on the #24 until making his move to CGR this year. We don’t know much about Graham Molach but it doesn’t really matter…he’s in. Front Carrier Aaron Schields will stay on the fronts for the #42 as well as longtime Gasman “Big” Ed Watkins.

We spoke with veteran tire changer Dennis Terry and he told us he has chosen not to be moved to another CGR team and is now a free agent.

We have not confirmed any of this through CGR but we did check the rosters on and the changes were already updated on the CGR roster page.

Good luck to the new #42 crew and all the guys pitting this week in Las Vegas.

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