Is Trans Fluid Flammable? No, It’s a Combustible Liquid!

red drum of transmission fluid with the yellow shell racing logo

When dealing with automobile maintenance, safety should be a paramount concern. One safety aspect that often gets overlooked is the flammability of different automotive fluids. In this exhaustive guide, we’ll specifically focus on transmission fluid, often referred to as ‘trans fluid’. The primary question that we’re here to address is – “Is trans fluid flammable?“ … Read more

5 Coleman KT196 Problems You Need To Know About (+Fixes)

coleman kt196 go kart racing to a stall on a dirt track

Unleash the thrill of off-road adventure with the Coleman KT196 go kart! Picture yourself tearing through rugged terrains, wind in your hair, and adrenaline coursing through your veins. However, amidst the excitement lies a journey fraught with challenges that every KT196 owner must brave. From engine conundrums that refuse to start the action to erratic … Read more

Go Kart Torque Converter vs Clutch: An In-Depth Analysis +What’s Better?

go kart clutch and torque converter positioned next to each other

‍For go-kart enthusiasts or those aspiring to become one, the choice between a torque converter and a clutch is a crucial one. The decision could significantly impact the performance of your kart, particularly in terms of acceleration, speed, and operational efficiency. Therefore, understanding the core differences, advantages, and drawbacks of each is essential. This article … Read more

Tesla Bumper Repair Cost: A Definitive Overview (+Is It Worth It?)

white tesla with bumper hanging off due to a direct impact

As a proud owner of a Tesla, I’ve always been fascinated by the advanced engineering and the cutting-edge technology of this high-end electric vehicle. However, like any car, a Tesla isn’t immune to the occasional bumps and scrapes. That’s why, in today’s post, I’ll be delving into the details of the tesla bumper repair costs, … Read more