An in depth look at pit road penalties through 6 races

Last Updated on March 7, 2022 by Pittalks

April 6, 2015  

So far this year there have been 45 penalties called on pit crews that are directly a result of bad pitting. Basically, we took out all the penalties that didn’t involve the pit crews but are still issued…we don’t really care about that. What we wanted to see was how the pit crews were doing and what penalties were being called the most. Here is what we found: The most called penalty is the TIRE NOT IN CONTROL OUTSIDE HALF OF BOX, it has been called 23 times resulting in 51% of the penalties on pit crews. The second most penalized called is OVER THE WALL TO SOON, it has been called 16 times resulting in 35% of the penalties. The last three penalties are as follows: TOSSING FUEL CANS 3 times at 7%, ROLLING TIRES BEYOND CENTER LINE 2 times at 5%, and last is EQUIPMENT OUTSIDE OF THE BOX 1 resulting in 2%.

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