Both crewman for Keselowski OK after serious pit road accident

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August 3, 2015  

Sunday in Pocono had a few mishaps on pit road and the accident involving Brad Keselowski and his pit crew was one of them. On lap 52, the second round of pit stops were taking place under green. Keselowski came into his box, locked his brakes up, and ended up plowing through his pit box taking out a few of his crew members in his path.

The first to get his was Jack man Braxton Brannon. “I saw him lock his brakes up and I knew I couldn’t make it across to the other side so I just braced for impact and tried to protect myself.” The jack man is always the first across the car and in bad situations the first to get hit. At almost the exact same time that Brannon was hit, front tire carrier Jeremy Ogles went flying into the windshield and down the hood of the car. “I usually stay a good ways behind my changer so that I can place the front hose where it needs to be. As soon as I saw the car sliding in I knew I was getting hit. I let go of the tire and tried to ride out the impact on the hood. It all happened so fast it was hard to react.”

Both Brannon and Ogles are veterans of the #2 car and managed to finish the race. After the race they were taken to infield care for precautionary evaluations and released. No other word on their condition but we would expect them to be at Watkins Glen this coming weekend.

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