Who’s pitting the 4th JGR car for 2014, our thought on who it might be

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November 20, 2014

You never know what a team or pit crew will do with a few months to think, but we have an idea of who might be pitting the 4th JGR car for Carl Edwards next year. This is not official by any means and strictly rumors, but we think it’s pretty dang close to being correct. So here you go.

We’ve heard that Front Changer Clay Robinson and Front Carrier Kevin Harris will be coming over to JGR from HMS. Both guys were on the front of Dale Jr.’s #88 last year and will be sticking together at Gibbs next year.

We also heard that Jackman Trey Burklin will be coming back to JGR after leaving a year ago to go jack the #5 at Hendrick. Trey was the back up at JGR a few years back and jacked the NNS cars for Gibss before heading over the HMS to jack the #5 this year.

On the rear will be Changer Kip Wolfmier and Matt Ver Meer. Wolfmier was the old rear changer for the #5 car of HMS this year before being replaced by Jeremy fuller. Matt Ver Meer was on the #88 of Dale Jr. and had been for the last few years.

The gas man will be Kenneth Purcell. Kenneth has been at JGR for years now as a NNS jackman and back up Cup guy. Kenneth won 4 championships as a jack man on the #48 and has been with JGR for the last 4 or so years. Now, he is converting to a gasman for this 4th team.

This is just what we have heard and we are treating this as rumor for now. I’m sure JGR will make an announcement at some point and it will become official.

There are plenty of changes coming for the 2015 season and we will try and keep everyone up on who’s going where.

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