Denny Hamlin loses rear tire changer for the last two races of the year

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November 15, 2015

The #11 pit crew of Denny Hamlin will be without rear changer Mike Hicks for the remaining two races. Early in the week, Hicks broke a bone in his right foot. From the sounds of it, the injury was kind of a freak accident but doesn’t seem to pose any problems for next year. When we asked Mike about the injury this is what he had to say.

“It was a weird deal. It happened Wednesday at practice and I was just walking backwards. My ankle kind of gave out and my foot rolled over and popped a bone. Thankfully its not bad and I should be walking in two weeks and good to go in about 4.”

The good news is that JGR hired long time tire changer David Mayo from HMS a few weeks back. Mayo was the back up for JGR and will now be changing rears for the #11 at Phoenix and Homestead. Mayo was able to practice with the #11 crew for a few days this week and should do just fine.

Good luck to Mike in his recovery and to Mayo and the entire #11 crew.

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