What pit stall are all the races being won out of? We have the answer.

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November 5, 2015   

Pit selections are becoming a more important factor in how races play out. Everyone in the garage knows that, but what they might not know is where all the races are being won from. We tallied all the wins so far this year and found out where all the wins are coming from. Here’s what we got.

So far this year, races have been won from a total of 21 different pit stalls. Stall #1 has been the most effective stall with 4 wins followed by pit stall #5 with 3 wins. Stalls 1-10 occupy 16 of the 33 (48%) wins this year while stalls 33-43 only account for 3 (9%) of the wins. Opening are also a big deal, so far this year 13 (39%) of the wins have come from teams with an opening in or out of their stalls. Some of these stats might not mean much to you, but next time you look at your favorite drivers pit stall it might make you feel better or worse about their chances.

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