New front and rear changer for Trevor Bayne and the #6 RFR team

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October 28, 2015   

For years now Kale Uphoff has been a mainstay changer at Roush Fenway Racing. As of Kansas two weeks ago, it will appear to be the last time he changes tires for a while. We are hearing that the Monday after Kansas, Uphoff had partial hip replacement surgery and will be out for a while. Kale is a great tire changer and we have no doubt that he will come back and continue his career hitting nuts.

As for now, it looks like front tire changer Cory Baldwin will be moving to the rear of the #6 and back up front changer Cory DeMarco will be moving up front to take Baldwins spot. Things can change quickly on pit road but as of Talladega that was the case. Both DeMarco and Baldwin are experienced veterans who will do just fine in those positions. Its not an easy job to move from the front to the rear but Baldwin has the skill set to handle it. With 4 races to go until the end of the season, its a good time to look forward to next year.

Good luck to Kale in his recovery and to the Cory’s on the next four races. Should be fun to watch.

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