Tire Changer Nick Odell to the #24 of HMS

Last Updated on January 15, 2022 by Pittalks

In possibly the biggest fre-agent deals in pit road history, ex JGR tire changer Nick Odell is close to a deal with HMS and the #24 team. After the news last Monday that Odell had been released by JGR, almost every team on pit road had some level of interest in talking with him. After sitting out Loudon, our sources tell us Odell is very close to finalizing his deal with HMS. If this deal goes down, then front tire changer Scott Brzozowski of the #24 becomes the man in question. Brzozowski came over to HMS a few years back after spending time on the #39 of Ryan Newman. HMS has four teams and Brzozowski is a top talent, seeing where he fits in will be the next piece in the puzzle.

As far as when Odell starts changing tires for the #24, we have no idea. We were told the deal is almost done but we have not confirmed with HMS to verify. Getting used to their equipment and personnel will most likely determine when he starts.

This is just the latest of big time teams making changes in their pit crews. If anyone doesn’t think pit road has become a major place of emphasis then their not paying attention. This makes the #88, #2, #43, #9, #78, #18, and now the #24 that have made changes to their pit crews since the Chase started.

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