#48 makes changes on crew and #99 front changer suffers a major injury in practice

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May 16, 2013

The pit crew of the #48 has been together for nearly 3 years and done a good job on pit road. Over the last few weeks the team is moving in another direction and has made 3 changes. Moving forward on the #48 will be Front Changer Cam Waugh, Rear Changer David Mayo and Rear Carrier Ryan Patton. Cam Waugh pitted the #51 Cup car last year and has been in the HMS developmental program for a while. He will get his chance on the front. David Mayo was changing for the #2 car at Penske Racing last year and was hired as a back up for HMS this year. Ryan Patton was on the #7 NNS team this year and will get his chance as the rear carrier. As of now, all the other crewman on the #48 that were replaced are traveling as back ups with HMS. Good luck to all the new crewman.

On a sadder note, we are hearing that long time Front Tire Changer Justin Nottestad of RFR #99 tore his achilles today in practice and is out for a while. Not sure of the details just heard it was today. Justin has been one of the top changers on pit road for years and brings a level of experience and talent that will surely be missed. We wanted to wish Justin the best in his recovery and look forward to seeing him back on pit road.

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