Here’re 5 best Go-Kart tracks in LA (Affordable)

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Los Angeles, a vibrant city known for its diverse entertainment options, offers exciting go-karting experiences for those seeking an adrenaline rush. With a selection of tracks accommodating family outings, competitive races, or group events, individuals of all skill levels can enjoy the thrills of go-kart racing. From electric karts that provide a silent surge of speed to traditional gas-powered models, there’s a ride to suit every preference.

Safety is a priority at these karting centers, where features like roll bars, bumper karts, and safety barriers are in place to ensure a secure racing experience. Besides the excitement of racing, these venues often include amenities such as lap timing systems, food catering, and arcade areas, making them ideal for private parties or corporate events. Aspiring racers should come prepared, wearing appropriate attire including closed-toe shoes and hair ties for longer hair, with many locations offering helmet rentals for those without their own gear.

Note: The list below is conducted based on google map and yelp reviews.

1. K1 Speed

K1 Speed stands out in the Los Angeles area for its indoor go-kart racing facilities, offering adrenaline-packed experiences for racers of varied ages and levels. Their all-electric go-karts are a nod to environmental consciousness, providing not only a cleaner racing condition by eliminating exhaust fumes but also ensuring rapid acceleration that can reach speeds of up to 45 mph.

Racer Requirements:

  • Junior Karts: Minimum height of 4 feet (48 inches)
  • Adult Karts: Minimum height of 4 feet 10 inches (58 inches)

The convenience of K1 Speed is highlighted by their ‘Arrive & Drive’ option, allowing spontaneous racers to engage in fun without prior reservations for up to 12-lap races. However, for groups larger than 8 or those planning visits during busy weekend times, making a reservation is advisable.


  • Single race packages range from $25 to $60 per person.

Key Locations:

  • Torrance: 19038 S Vermont Ave, Gardena, CA 90248
  • Burbank: 960 Chestnut St, Burbank, CA 91506

Racers have consistently praised K1 Speed for providing memorable experiences. Comments often point out the thrill of racing at high speeds, friendly staff, and the added enjoyment of facilities such as arcades. The diverse range of offerings from K1 Speed caters to families seeking a day of fun as well as individuals looking to embrace their competitive spirit on super tracks designed to test skill and speed.

With positive feedback from customer reviews, it’s evident that K1 Speed continues to satisfy the thrill-seekers searching for a premiere go-karting adventure in Los Angeles.

2. Go-kart World

Go-kart World track

Nestled in Carson, California, Go-kart World has established itself as an inviting locale for both novice and seasoned go-kart enthusiasts. Catering to a wide demographic, they provide karts tailored to various age groups, from young children who are just starting to adults seeking more thrilling experiences.

Customers have the flexibility of choosing between two distinct pricing models—time-based wristbands or per-ride tickets—allowing for customization of their visit based on individual preferences or the day’s demand.

For those with a competitive spirit seeking a high-speed adventure, the slick tracks prove to be a highlight. An additional expense of $5 grants access to this premium track, which offers a more technical ride due to its slicker surface and the full speed capability of the karts.

Height requirements for the various go-karts and tracks are clearly established to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience:

  • Bumper karts: Minimum height of 43 inches
  • Mini Indy: Minimum height of 45 inches
  • Formula karts: Minimum height of 48 inches
  • Super & slick tracks (50% speed): Minimum height of 52 inches
  • Slick tracks (100% speed): Minimum height of 56 inches
  • Turbo tracks: Minimum height of 58 inches
  • Super tracks: Minimum height of 60 inches


go-kart world pricing

The establishment is situated at 21830 Recreation Rd. Carson, CA 90745, a convenient distance for locals and visitors alike.

Patrons highly commend the facility for its variety of tracks suitable for a broad age range. The karts, powered by gasoline, add to the authenticity of the experience. Despite appearing dated, the karts are functional, contributing to the overall charm and excitement of the venue. The on-site arcade, albeit in need of modernization, provides an additional amusement option.

Enthusiastically received by families and racing hobbyists, Go-kart World differentiates itself through its array of tracks and personalized racing experiences suitable for everyone from the first-time rider to the go-kart aficionado.

3. Speedzone

Speedzone go kart track

Speedzone Los Angeles offers a diverse range of tracks suitable for different experience levels. The City of Industry location features a Slick Track known for its challenging surface, alongside a faster-paced Turbo Track; both require drivers to be a minimum of 58 inches tall. For those seeking a team experience, the Turbo Track also provides 2-seater karts, though drivers must be 60 inches tall and passengers 40 inches.

Younger enthusiasts between 42 and 58 inches tall can test their skills on the Rookie Track, designed specifically for them. Prices range from $40 to $80 per person, which guarantees an exciting day out.

Included in the facility are additional attractions such as an arcade, a snack bar, and Speedway Golf. For a satisfying meal, visitors can head to the onsite restaurant Johnny Rockets for classic American fare like burgers and milkshakes.

For the exact address and location details, click here: 17871 Castleton St, City of Industry, CA 91748.

4. Calspeed Karting

Calspeed Karting track

Calspeed Karting provides a top-tier racing experience on its outdoor tracks, positioning it as a premier destination for karting aficionados. The center, nestled in Fontana, California, caters to racers of all ages, ensuring safety and enjoyment are at the forefront.

  • Location9300 Cherry Ave, Fontana, CA 92335
  • Pricing: Ranges from $35 to $135 per person with additional nominal fees for helmet and glove rental.
  • Dress Code: Racers must wear long pants and closed-toed shoes for safety.
  • Age Requirement: Participants need to be at least 12 years old.

The center boasts a professional atmosphere, complete with OTL Storm EFD electric go-karts that deliver an exhilarating racing experience. The paddock lounge serves as a space for relaxation and socializing between races. Enthusiasts can also participate in various karting leagues, enhancing their skills and competing with others.

According to customer reviews, Calspeed Karting is highly regarded for its professional staff and well-maintained track, which includes a track photographer to capture the high-speed action. Events like the Machisimo 12 hr endurance race exemplify the excitement and competitive spirit that embodies Calspeed Karting.

5. MB2 Raceway – SYLMAR

Located at 13943 Balboa Blvd, Sylmar, CA 91342, MB2 Raceway offers an inviting experience for all ages. Their electric go-karts ensure a pleasant ride without the smell of gasoline, catering especially to beginners with its approachable track design.


  • Electric Go-Karts: Ideal for children and first-time racers
  • Alternative Entertainment: Featuring laser tag and VR options


  • Single Race: $18 – $23 per person

Visitors have consistently praised MB2 Raceway for its engaging atmosphere and variety of activities available, with affirmative comments such as the one by OverlordProductions highlighting its popularity:

“10/10 Best MB2 Raceway – Sylmar I have ever been to!”

For a family-friendly day out or a novice’s first race, MB2 Raceway in Sylmar is a strong contender for an enjoyable experience

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top-rated go-kart tracks suitable for beginners in Los Angeles?

  • K1 Speed Burbank: With an indoor track that’s easy to navigate.
  • MB2 Raceway Sylmar: Offers karts for all skill levels with a variety of speed settings.
  • SpeedZone Los Angeles: Features tracks tailored for newer drivers to gain confidence.

Which go-kart facilities in Los Angeles offer karts for adults and experienced drivers?

  • K1 Speed: Features high-performance electric karts with tracks designed for adults.
  • Go Kart World: Provides a range of karts, including those for more experienced drivers.

Where can I find outdoor go-kart racing tracks in the Los Angeles area?

  • Go Kart World Carson: Boasts several outdoor tracks that cater to different ages and skill levels.
  • MB2 Raceway Sylmar: While primarily indoor, occasionally offers outdoor racing opportunities.

What are the fastest go-karts available for racing in Los Angeles?

  • K1 Speed: Offers OTL Storm EFD karts that reach considerable speeds for indoor karting.
  • SpeedZone Los Angeles: Provides karts that are designed for speed and performance on their tracks.

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