Watkins Glen posted the second highest penalties on pit crews since the Daytona 500….and this is why!

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This past weekend there were seven penalties called on pit crews by seven different teams. It’s the second highest penalties since the first race of the year which had a total of twelve penalties. The main reason for this…Watkins Glen. The penalties laid out like this: (2) Crewmen over the wall too soon, (3) Tire not in control, and (2) Tossing or throwing fuel fillers. Two of the three penalties that were called we see almost every week or every other week. The “Crewman over the wall too soon” and “Tire not in control” are both penalties that are common. This particular race had a few more than normal because of the where they were racing. I mentioned it earlier in a post before WG that leaving early would get a few teams because the timing of this stop is not what a normal stop is. The “Tire not in control” penalty on the #19 was another victim of track. Because the stops are backwards they had their right front tire get away and that would never happen on a normal stop. The last two penalties of “Tossing Fuel Fillers” is 100% because of WG. Everyone knows fuel is huge at this place and teams are pushing the limits to max out their fuel while doing a fast stop. Its comes as no secret that some teams got busted trying to hurry up the stop and move cans faster than NASCAR liked.

Even with all the penalties, this track and pit road still made for some fun racing. These 7 penalties from today bring the year total of pit crew related penalties on pit road to a total of 80. When you look at total number of stops and only 80 penalties, I would say the guys on pit road are doing a pretty good job.

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