Here’re best go-kart tracks in San Diego

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San Diego, a vibrant city in Southern California, offers a variety of attractions for locals and tourists alike, with go-kart racing being a unique and thrilling form of entertainment. While the city does not boast an extensive array of outdoor karting facilities, it does feature some notable indoor tracks that promise high-speed action for enthusiasts of all skill levels. These indoor venues provide a controlled environment for competitive racing, ensuring an all-weather activity that can be enjoyed year-round.

For those willing to explore beyond the city’s borders, Southern California is home to more expansive outdoor tracks, such as the Calspeed Karting Center in Fontana. These larger facilities often offer a more authentic racing experience, complete with the natural elements and a diverse range of kart styles. Whether seeking family fun or looking to satisfy a competitive streak, the region’s go-kart centers cater to a wide demographic, ensuring that every visitor can find a track that matches their racing aspirations.

K1 Speed

k1 speed go-kart center in san diego

K1 Speed is one of the most popular indoor go-karting centers, not just in San Diego, in the US! They have locations all over the country, so you’re probably familiar with the name.

It’s located downtown, near the Gaslamp Quarter, East Village, and Petco Park. If you’re looking for a convenient location and plenty of excitement, look no further! K1 Speed is the place to go.

Racing Options

At K1 Speed, guests can choose the “Arrive and Drive” option without prior reservation, ideal for spontaneous racers. Groups seeking a more private experience can opt for group packages, granting exclusive track access during races.

How powerful are their go-karts?

K1 Speed’s electric go-karts are the way to go if you’re sensitive to fuel fumes.

Equipped with electric karts, K1 Speed offers vehicles that can quickly accelerate to a top speed of 45 mph, suitable for the indoor track’s demands.


Prices range from $28.95 for a single race to $59.95 for a package including three races, a T-shirt, and a membership. Renting a helmet costs an additional $5. Membership provides free helmet usage and a complimentary birthday race.

1 race$28.95
2 races$46.95
3 races$59.95
2 races + T-shirt + membership$59.95
Helmet renting$5


Adult racers must be at least 58 inches tall, while junior racers need to be a minimum of 48 inches tall. No mixed races between adults and juniors are allowed.

Let’s take a quick look at K1 speed San Diego track!

K1 Speed San Diego offers a challenging track with a mixture of straightaways and curves, perfect for both novice and experienced racers.

What do customers say about K1 San Diego?

Positive reviews highlight K1 Speed San Diego’s large indoor track and its suitability for events. The accommodating staff and additional facilities like arcades contribute to an engaging environment.

Some complaints you need to consider

Guests should be aware of potential drawbacks: limited food options, possible waiting times during peak hours, and track conditions, as some have mentioned a bumpy surface. To mitigate wait times, arriving early is suggested.

Let’s take a quick look at K1 speed San Diego track!

Speed Circuit

speed circuit in san diego

Speed circuit is an indoor go-karting track located in south Chula Vista. It’s a great place for those who want to experience racing in a safe and controlled environment. The track offers a great racing experience for karting beginners.

Their go-kart is gasoline-powered and can reach to 35mph, which is a bit slower than K1 Speed’s, but plenty fast for indoor go-karting.

One good thing about non-electric engines is that they are less likely to malfunction, which is a common problem with electric go-karts. In addition, Gas go-karts are easier to control than electric ones because they have a better throttle response.

What does Speed Circuit have besides go-kart?

Speed Circuit extends beyond go-karting; it’s a thrill park that caters to family entertainment. Visitors can indulge in a variety of attractions that include bumper boats, mini golf, and laser tag. It also features batting cages for aspiring hitters and zero gravity experiences for those seeking a unique thrill. Additional entertainment facilities at this venue include Boomers Vista, an amusement park with attractions such as a roller coaster and Wipeout trampolines.

Hamsterball Arena
Pit-trix Foan Pit
3-Level Warped Wall
Toddler Circuit

Which package should you choose?

When considering package choices, start by securing a $7 annual license, instrumental for helmet usage and other benefits. For go-karting enthusiasts, options start from $20 for a single race to $125 for ten races, explicitly non-transferable among multiple drivers. Families or groups might find the Family 4 pack package, which includes licenses and 8 total races for $129, to be of value. Solo racers can opt for a specialized package at $48, providing 3 races along with the license, suitable for individual racing sessions.


  • To ensure safety and an enjoyable experience, Speed Circuit stipulates specific requirements:
  • Adult Karts: Minimum height of 60 inches.
  • Jr Karts: Minimum height of 48 inches.
  • Accompanied passengers must be shorter than 42 inches.
  • For all karting activities, wearing closed-toe shoes is mandatory.

Let’s take a quick look at the Speed Circuit track! 

The track at Speed Circuit promises an immersive racing experience. It can be previewed online through available footage showcasing the layout and what racers can anticipate during their visit.

What do customers say about Speed Circuit?

Customers frequently praise Speed Circuit for the memorable experiences it offers, citing the helpful and friendly staff as notable highlights. Both adults and children have found the facility to be fun and well-organized, with first-timers experiencing an impressive introduction to go-kart racing. The additional activities provided cater to differing interests, ensuring a positive overall visit for families and racers alike.

Some complaints you need to consider

While the feedback for Speed Circuit is largely positive, some visitors have noted the presence of inoperative arcade games and the smell of fuel fumes as downsides. Those experiencing issues with the games are encouraged to inform the staff for assistance, potentially including refunds. Customers with sensitivities to gasoline smells should take this into consideration before deciding to participate in go-karting at the venue.


San Diego’s go-karting scene leads with Belmont Park, a beachfront amusement park known for its Giant Dipper roller coaster and go-kart track offerings. Not only is Belmont Park ranked for its historical ride, but it doubles as an event venue where thrill-seekers can also experience go-karting.

  • Belmont Park caters to private events, ideal for groups looking to combine business with pleasure, under the San Diego sun.
  • Amidst the amusement park attractions, their go-kart track stands out as a highlight.
  • Proximity to the beachfront offers a unique blend of views and velocity, enhancing the race experience.

Patrons leave reviews reflecting the memorable experiences at Belmont Park, often citing the exhilarating combination of high-speed racing and scenic surroundings.

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