Here’re 5 best Go-Kart tracks in Dallas (affordable)

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Go-kart racing offers an exhilarating experience that combines speed, skill, and a bit of friendly competition. Dallas, Texas, has become a hub for karting enthusiasts as well as families looking for an entertaining outing. With a variety of tracks catering to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced racers, there’s a venue to suit anyone’s needs. Many facilities provide electric karts, ensuring a fast-paced race with zero emissions, making it an eco-friendlier choice of adrenaline rush.

As people search for unique ways to celebrate birthdays, have fun with a group of friends, or even host a special business event, go-kart tracks in Dallas present a perfect mix of fun and challenge. Safety is paramount; with requirements such as closed-toe shoes and full-face helmets, racers can enjoy the thrill of acceleration without compromising on safety. From the ease of ‘arrive and drive’ to more committed membership options for serious kart owners, these tracks offer a range of options to get into the sport. Whether it’s an outdoor circuit with a long straight away or an indoor facility offering a more controlled environment, the Dallas karting scene is well equipped to provide an unforgettable racing experience.

NoteThe list is conducted based on google map and yelp reviews.

1. Dallas Karting ComplexOutdoor trackFor go-kart enthusiasts
2. K1 SpeedIndoor track, all electrick kartsFor family, beginners, and intermediates
3. Andretti Karting and GamesIndoor track, all electrick kartsFor family, beginners, and intermediates
4. Adventure Landing DallasOutdoor track For family, beginners, and intermediates
5. North Texas KartersOutdoor track For go-kart enthusiasts, advanced racers

1. Dallas Karting Complex

Located in Caddo Mills, the Dallas Karting Complex (DKC) is a premier go-karting destination boasting some of the fastest go-karts in Texas, capable of reaching speeds up to 80mph. The complex offers an exceptional array of karts to cater to different ages and skill levels:

Kart TypeEngineRequirementsNotable Features
Cadet karts4-strokeAges 8 to 14, Min Height: 50″Designed for kids and teenagers
Seater4-strokeAdult + Child (Min Height: 42″)Two adults or an adult and a child can ride together
Adult karts (Sodi RT8)4-strokeMin Height: 55″, Age 14+Offers a more intense experience compared to standard go-karts
GT Max2-strokeAdvanced kartersHigher speeds due to a more powerful engine
Vortex VLR 100cc2-strokeExperienced racersLightweight with better acceleration
DD22-strokeExpert driversThe apex of speed at DKC, the fastest kart available

The complex’s tracks are designed with various twists and turns, providing a thrilling experience for racers. No reservations are required, making it easy for visitors to arrive and race without prior planning.

Key Information:

  • Address5025 FM1565, Caddo Mills, TX 75135
  • Pricing: Rates start at $25 per kart, per race.
  • Reservations: Not necessary—walk-ins welcomed.
  • Racing License: Not required for participation.

DKC is not only acclaimed for its high-speed go-karts but also for the overall quality experience as indicated by customer reviews. Patrons commend the staff for their professionalism and the fun atmosphere provided, although some mention kart maintenance could be improved.

For a closer look at the racing experience, you can watch what DKC offers right here.

Visitors to the Dallas Karting Complex can expect an electrifying karting experience whether they’re first-time racers or experienced enthusiasts. The wide variety of karts ensures that there is a racing option suitable for everyone, from children to adults. Located in the vicinity of The Colony, DKC is easily accessible for those seeking high-speed adventure.

2. K1 Speed

K1 Speed in Dallas stands out as a top-tier indoor karting venue, catering to racers across various experience levels with its electric karts lineup. Known for impressive acceleration and hitting speeds up to 45mph, these electric go-karts also offer an environmentally friendly racing environment by eliminating exhaust fumes.

Key Features:

  • Eco-Friendly: All-electric karts provide a cleaner alternative to traditional gas engines.
  • Performance: Electric karts capable of reaching speeds as high as 45mph.
  • Accessibility: ‘Arrive & Drive’ option allows for spontaneous racing experiences, with a typical race consisting of 12 laps.

Pricing and Requirements:

Entry LevelPrice RangeHeight Requirement
Junior$25 – $60Minimum of 48 inches
Adult$25 – $60Minimum of 58 inches

Visit Details:

  • Location: 677 W Campbell Rd suite a, Richardson, TX 75080
  • Reservations: Recommended for weekends or groups larger than 8.

Customer Experience:

Patrons commend the customer service, highlighting staff who provide racing insights to enhance the driving skills of visitors. Issues like speed regulation due to inexperienced drivers are noted to be well-managed, ensuring a satisfactory experience for seasoned racers.

View Map | Watch Race

By visiting K1 Speed Dallas, enthusiasts can expect high-speed indoor karting, a focus on customer satisfaction, and support that might just help shave that crucial fraction of a second off a personal best time.

3. Andretti Karting and Games

Located at 5752 Grandscape Blvd Suite 100 in The Colony, TX, Andretti Karting and Games marks its distinction as a leading-edge entertainment destination. This facility, recognized for its electric go-karts, boasts rapid acceleration and an environmentally friendly design, ensuring a modern racing experience without the traditional gasoline odor.

Features at Andretti Karting and Games:

  • Electric Karts: High-performance electric karts for all ages, providing smooth and fast rides.
  • Laser Tag: An immersive laser tag experience adding a competitive edge to your visit.
  • Arcade: A variety of the latest arcade games to test your skills and provide endless fun.
  • VR Games: Cutting-edge virtual reality games that transport players to different worlds.
  • Bowling: Strike up some fun with a classic game of bowling.
  • Birthday Parties: Offers private rooms perfect for hosting memorable birthday celebrations.

Pricing: Each race is priced at $25 per person, providing patrons with an exhilarating experience around the unique multi-level track.

Andretti Karting track layout

The track’s elaborate layout includes a two-story design, which adds an exciting dimension to the racing adventure. For those who have a heightened interest in diverse gaming experiences, the venue houses several attractions to entertain visitors beyond the track. Patrons praise the extensive selection of both familiar and novel games, including the collection of VR encounters that stand out as a must-try.

According to customer feedback, the cost is offset by the quality of entertainment provided, though a slight reduction in pricing could enhance overall satisfaction.

Visit Them Online:

Customer Feedback: Enthusiastic reviews frequently mention the swiftly powered go-karts and expansive game selection, noting the two-story kart track as remarkably unorthodox. The prevailing sentiment among guests is one of eagerness to return, even considering the premium on unlimited enjoyment.

4. Adventure Landing Dallas

At Adventure Landing Dallas, guests of all ages can experience a variety of attractions geared towards family entertainment. Located at 17717 Coit Rd, Dallas, TX 75252, this venue offers a selection of activities including go-karts, bumper boats, mini-golf, and an array of arcade games.

The Adventure Speedway go-kart track is an ideal choice for novice drivers, featuring a quarter-mile circuit that’s easy to navigate but still provides ample fun. The requirements for participants cater to both young and adult drivers:

  • Jr. Kart Requirements: Minimum of 40″ in height and at least 4 years old
  • Adult Kart Requirements: Minimum of 56″ in height

Pricing options at Adventure Landing offer flexibility for different preferences:

  • Single Go-Kart Ride: $9.99
  • Double Go-Kart Ride: $12.99
  • Junior Single Go-Kart Ride: $7.99

Besides the track, visitors can enjoy cooling off with bumper boats, practicing their short game on the miniature golf course, or aiming for a home run in the batting cages. The arcade also presents a chance to play a variety of games suitable for all ages.

Experience the attractions firsthand by visiting the location, and for a visual preview, check out Adventure Landing Go-Kart, Dallas, TX on YouTube. Customers appreciate the range of activities available, though it’s advised to check for availability beforehand to ensure a complete and enjoyable visit.

5. North Texas Karters

Location: 3728 Memory Ln, Denton, TX 76207 View Map

North Texas Karters provides a highly regarded outdoor go-karting experience in Haltom City. This exclusive track is renowned for its fast and engaging layout, catering to those with a passion for the sport and their own karts.


  • Membership required for track access
  • Numerous sanctioned events annually
  • Own kart necessary for participation

Customer Insight: Tyler Campbell notes the track’s fun, fast layout and the flexibility membership provides for scheduling track time.

To register for access or events at North Texas Karters: Register here.

For a visual glimpse of the racing experience, you can watch this footage from a recent event: TSRS Spring Roundup Final – KA100 SR – North Texas Karters

Frequently Asked Questions

Which go kart racing track offers the fastest go-karts in Dallas?

Dallas Karting Complex is known to offer some of the fastest go-karts in the region. With karts that can reach speeds up to 60 mph, they cater to those looking for a high-speed experience.

Where is the largest go kart racing track located in Texas?

The largest go-kart racing track in Texas is the Dallas Karting Complex located just outside of Dallas. It features a large outdoor track known for hosting competitive races.

Can adults find age-appropriate go kart racing tracks in Dallas?

Adults in Dallas have several age-appropriate go-kart racing tracks to choose from:

  • Dallas Karting Complex (outdoor)
  • K1 Speed (indoor, electric karts)
  • Andretti Indoor Karting (indoor, multi-level track)

These tracks ensure a suitable and thrilling experience with proper age and height requirements for adults.

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