How fast do go-karts go? [Speed chart]

how fast is a go-kart

Go-karting is a really fun activity. If you’re a huge fan, then you may have wondered how fast these bad boys can really go. The answer depends on a couple of things, including engine classes and whether or not the engine is a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke. Typically, a 4-stroke 125cc go-kart (the most common … Read more

Where can I drive my go-kart legally?

where can i drive my go kart

Owning a go-kart is exciting, but knowing that you cannot drive it legally wherever you desire can be an underwhelming feeling.  If you want to drive your go-kart, you can do it in approved designated locations. Places include private property, karting tracks, designated dirt trails, and more. Let’s explore the legalities and safety requirements of … Read more