Go Kart Torque Converter vs Clutch: An In-Depth Analysis +What’s Better?

go kart clutch and torque converter positioned next to each other

‍For go-kart enthusiasts or those aspiring to become one, the choice between a torque converter and a clutch is a crucial one. The decision could significantly impact the performance of your kart, particularly in terms of acceleration, speed, and operational efficiency. Therefore, understanding the core differences, advantages, and drawbacks of each is essential. This article … Read more

5 Common Go Kart Problems To Prepare For [safety first]

go kart in pit lane from experiencing common problems

‍Go-karts are an excellent source of fun and entertainment, but like any machine, they are not immune to technical issues. Understanding common go-kart problems and knowing how to troubleshoot them can save you a lot of frustration and downtime. In this article, I will guide you through some of the most common problems and how … Read more

[Solved] My go-kart clutch is smoking?

go-kart clutch smoke

If you see smoke coming from your go-kart’s clutch, it’s important to investigate the cause right away. The most common reason for this (and it’s very likely to be your case) is that the clutch is not fully engaging. So, what is the solution for this? Simple, just imagine you are Lightning Mcqueen and floor … Read more

Best street-legal go-karts [you don’t wanna buy one]

best street-legal go-karts

Whether you’re a speed fanatic or looking for something basic, there are all sorts of go-karts catering to many different needs.  In this article, I will go over the best go-karts you can legally drive on the streets. Read until the end, as the list includes go-karts from different categories, making your go-kart purchase a … Read more