Everything you need to know about NASCAR pit stops

NASCAR pit stops explained

“The amount of work and coordination that goes into a successful pit stop in NASCAR is astounding. In just a few seconds, the entire course of the race can be changed.” ~~Darrell Waltrip, three-time Cup Series champion. Pit stops are one of the most important aspects of any NASCAR race. They can make or break … Read more

F1 pit stops 101 | All rules simply explained

f1 pit stop

Did you know that the average F1 pit stop takes just under three seconds? In that time, 4 tires are changed, and any necessary adjustments are made.  In a sport where fractions of a second can make all the difference, pit crews have to be fast and precise. In this blog post, we’ll take a … Read more

How much horsepower does an F1 car have? [Real power]

how much hp does an f1 car have

When it comes to F1 race cars, you may think that it’s all about speed. However, there are many regulations to ensure that f1 car manufacturers put their design beyond the limit and satisfy these purposes:   The restrictions of the F1 engine include:  With all of those restrictions, the F1 cars in 2021 have slightly … Read more

How To Clean Valves Without Removing Head?

Don’t know how to clean the valves without removing the head? Since the carbon deposits on the engine valves restrict airflow increasing the operating temperature. Thus, damaging the engine. Therefore, it becomes essential to clean valves for better functioning. So, in this article I will share with you my experience how to clean valves without … Read more

Should we choose Floor jack or Bottle jack?

Are you looking for an excellent Jack? But confused between Floor jack VS Bottle jack? Then, it’s necessary to know the differences and complete specifications to decide the best between Floor jack VS Bottle jack. However, I find the one is very compact and has optimum power while the other is popular for its high … Read more

[TIPS]How To Push Back Brake Piston Without Tool ?

As you know, brake pistons are in the brake calipers. They play a very significant role in your vehicle’s braking system. The Brake caliper piston in your car facilitates the brake pads making contact with the brake discs, allowing you to decelerate your car. There are different materials such as aluminum, rubber, or steel used … Read more